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Competition scope

Coherent solutions for architecture and landscaping are being looked for, fundamented by evaluating, interpreting and openness towards the village’s issues.

What is envisaged:

  • re-organising the indicated area;

  • creating a public space for the local community, attraction point which comprises memorial-historic, cultural, tourism and social components;

  • integrating the intervention into the site and ensuring the proposal’s functionality;

  • turning the existing natural and built landscape to account and ensuring the compatibility of the proposed space with this landscape;

  • identifying a pedestrian connection to the tourism component of maximum interest represented by the Glass Icon Museum founded by Priest Zosim Oancea and its integration into the locality’s main sightseeing route, which comprises the small street north of the location, between the two trafficable bridges, possible prolongings of the routes for integrating the roadside crucifixes and the river course;

  • identifying the defining architectural expression elements in order to avoid contextual discordances;

  • indicating some means of signalling / orienting / presenting the significant landmarks from an economic, tourism, historical and memorial perspective;

  • creating an intervention model for promoting the “built culture” in the rural environment

  • highlighting the potential of built culture for the life of a community

  • underlining the role of quality architecture and of the architect in creating built culture.

The topic of the competition "Sibiel - built culture" can be downloaded from here.


21.01.2013 The 2002 census results can be downloaded from here.


21.01.2013 The site visit minutes has been published. More details...


20.01.2013 We added more pictures to the photographic documentation. Find them here: http://bit.ly/VGIJdl

20.01.2013 NEW: Opinion exchange between arch. Theodor Gheorghiu and the organizers of the competition on the objectives and motivations of the contest. See the attached document.


Organizers of the competition

- The Romanian Architect's Chamber, branch Sibiu - Vâlcea
- Heritas Foundation
- Arch. Mirela Weber

Promoters of the competition

- Town Hall Sălişte
- Association Sibiel 2000
- The Romanian Architect's Chamber

Project co-financed through the architectural stamp duty.