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Refurbishing the public space in the centre of the locality of Sibiel, within the town of Sălişte, Sibiu county.

The idea of organizing an architecture contest is the result of an initiative of a group of inhabitants from Sibiel to refurbish the public space in the center of their locality. The aim is to create a playground for children and to redesign the space next to the Monument of the Heroes who died in the two World Wars. Getting into contact with a few architects, the opportunity of involving the inhabitants of the village, architects and the public administration so as to organize a series of common actions for appropriate interventions in Sibiel arose. The example for this approach is the experience the Heritas Foundation has in the rural area ( as well as the experience of the LandLuft Association from Austria (


The actual redesigning works are supposed to start in 2013. For getting an appropriate project, the initiators - the Town Hall of Săliște, the Association „Asociaţia Sibiel 2000” and the Architects’ Chamber from Romania - launch an architecture contest in one phase, in the two languages Romanian and English, open to contestants from Romania and the EU member states, the European Economic Space as the Swiss Confederation. The contest is organized in the form of an independent public tender followed by the assignment of the planning agreement for the feasibility study and the technical planning, with no prior public attendance announcement.


The contest is organized by the Architects’ Chamber from Romania (Sibiu-Vâlcea Branch), the Heritas Foundation (Sibiu) and the architect Mirela Weber (Vienna, Austria).

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Topic of the competition

Competition scope

Coherent solutions for architecture and landscaping are being looked for, fundamented by evaluating, interpreting and openness towards the village’s issues.

What is envisaged:

  • re-organising the indicated area;

  • creating a public space for the local community, attraction point which comprises memorial-historic, cultural, tourism and social components;

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Competition rules

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21.01.2013 The 2002 census results can be downloaded from here.


21.01.2013 The site visit minutes has been published. More details...


20.01.2013 We added more pictures to the photographic documentation. Find them here:

20.01.2013 NEW: Opinion exchange between arch. Theodor Gheorghiu and the organizers of the competition on the objectives and motivations of the contest. See the attached document.


Organizers of the competition

- The Romanian Architect's Chamber, branch Sibiu - Vâlcea
- Heritas Foundation
- Arch. Mirela Weber

Promoters of the competition

- Town Hall Sălişte
- Association Sibiel 2000
- The Romanian Architect's Chamber

Project co-financed through the architectural stamp duty.